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Computer  science and computer engineering with applications

Issue 37 (January-June 2008)

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SPECIAL SECTION: Natural Language Processing

1. He Ruifang, Qin Bing, Liu Ting, Liu Yang, and Li Sheng (China)

Iterative Feedback Based Manifold-Ranking for Update Summary (pp. 5-13)

3. Asif Ekbal and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay (India)

Web-Based Bengali News Corpus for Lexicon Development and POS Tagging (pp. 21-30) 

4. Maher Daoud and Christian Boitet (France)

Methods for Handling Spontaneous E-commerce Arabic SMS: CATS, an Operational Proof of Concept (pp. 31-41)

5. Vimal Mishra and R. B. Mishra (India)

Study of Example Based English to Sanskrit Machine Translation (pp. 43-54)


6. Magdalena Marciano Melchor, María Aurora Molina Vilchis, Juan Carlos Herrera Lozada (Mexico)

Aberración Óptica  (Optic aberration) (pp. 55-56)

7. Yi Wang (U.K.)

Applying Dynamic Causal Mining in Retailing (pp. 57-63)

8. Israel Rivera Zarate, Patricia Pérez Romero, Jesús Pimentel Cruz (Mexico)

Base de Conocimientos del Monitoreo de Parámetros Sanguíneos (Knowledge base for monitoring  of the blood parameters) (pp. 65-70)

9. Maria Botsivaly and Basile Spyropoulos (Greece)

Supporting the Continuity of Home Care and the Bidirectional Exchange of Data among Various Points of Care by Semantically Annotated Web Services (pp. 71-78)


10. Mauricio Olguín Carbajal, Israel  Rivera Zarate, Oliver Pozas Quiteria (Mexico)

Desarrollo de un Sistema Inmersivo de Realidad Virtual basado en Cabina Multipersonal y Camino sin Fin (Development of the System for Immersing in Virtual Reality based on the Endless Walking and Multipersonal Cabin) (pp. 79-82)

11. Jesús Antonio Álvarez Cedillo, Klauss Michael Lindig Bos, Gustavo Martínez Romero (Mexico)

Implementación de Filtros Digitales Tipo FIR en FPGA (Implementation of Digital Filters of FIR Type in FPGA) (pp. 83-87)