Iterative Feedback Based Manifold-Ranking for Update Summary

Authors: He Ruifang, Qin Bing, Liu Ting, Liu Yang, Li Sheng

Polibits 37, pp. 5-14, 2008.

Abstract: The update summary as defined for the DUC2007 new task aims to capture evolving information of a single topic over time. It delivers focused information to a user who has already read a set of older documents covering the same topic. This paper presents a novel manifold-ranking frame based on iterative feedback mechanism to this summary task. The topic set is extended by using the summarization of previous timeslices and the first sentences of documents in current timeslice. Iterative feedback mechanism is applied to model the dynamically evolving characteristic and represent the relay propagation of information in temporally evolving data. Modified manifold-ranking process also can naturally make use of both the relationships among all the sentences in the documents and relationships between the topic and the sentences. The ranking score for each sentence obtained in the manifold-ranking process denotes the importance of sentence biased towards topic, and then the greedy algorithm is employed to rerank the sentences for removing the redundant information. The summary is produced by choosing the sentences with high ranking score. Experiments on dataset of DUC2007 update task demonstrate the encouraging performance of the proposed approach.

Keywords: Temporal multi-document summarization; update summary; iterative feedback based manifold-ranking

PDF: Iterative Feedback Based Manifold-Ranking for Update Summary, Alternative link