Study of Example based English to Sanskrit Machine Translation

Authors: Vimal Mishra, R. B. Mishra

Polibits, 37, pp. 43-54, 2008.

Abstract: Example based machine translation (EBMT) has emerged as one of the most versatile, computationally simple and accurate approaches for machine translation in comparison to rule based machine translation (RBMT) and statistical based machine translation (SBMT). In this paper, a comparative view of EBMT and RBMT is presented on the basis of some specific features. This paper describes the various research efforts on Example based machine translation and shows the various approaches and problems of EBMT. Salient features of Sanskrit grammar and the comparative view of Sanskrit and English are presented. The basic objective of this paper is to show with illustrative examples the divergence between Sanskrit and English languages which can be considered as representing the divergences between the order free and SVO (Subject-Verb- Object) classes of languages. Another aspect is to illustrate the different types of adaptation mechanism.

Keywords: Example based machine translation; Devnagari, language divergence; matching

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