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An open access research journal on computer science and computer engineering
ISSN 1870-9044 (print) • ISSN 2395-8618 (electronic) • DOI 10.17562/PB

Alexander Gelbukh and Oscar Camacho Nieto, Editors in Chief • Marco Antonio Valencia Reyes, Administrative editor • Itzamá López Yáñez, Executive director


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Indexing and Ranking

POLIBITS is usually indexed in ISI Thomson / Clarivate Web of Science SciELO collection (currently in process of re-evaluation, so no guarantee of indexing at this moment) and CONACYT (also in process of re-evaluation).

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POLIBITS is a half-yearly peer reviewed open access research journal published since 1989 by the Center for Technological Design and Development in Computer Science (CIDETEC) of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), the largest governmentally-owned university of the country, in Mexico City, Mexico. The journal is both governmentally owned and governmentally funded through the academic excellence journals program of the Ministry of Science (CONACYT) of Mexico. The journal is supported by the international scientific electronic library SciELO.

The journal solicits original research papers in all areas of computer science and computer engineering, with emphasis on applied research.

Editorial board of the journal consists of 35 prominent scientists from 15 countries: Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea (South), Mexico, Singapore, Spain, UK, Ukraine, USA. Since 2008, we have published papers by authors from countries including Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Korea (South), Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, Peru, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, UK, USA, Vietnam. Here is the geographical distribution of our authors (since 2008) and our Editorial Board members.

The journal has double-blind review procedure that involves external referees not affiliated with the editorial team or the hosting institution. It publishes papers in English (exceptionally good papers in Spanish can be considered). Publication has no cost for the authors. POLIBITS is an open access journal: all papers are freely available from its web site.

Acceptance decision is made within 4 month from submission.

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Current issue:

Forthcoming issue:

63 (2021, January–June)

Back issues:

60 (2019, July–December) 58 (2018, July–December) 57 (2018, January–June) 56 (2017, July–December) 55 (2017, January–June) 54 (2016, July–December) 53 (2016, January–June) 52 (2015, July–December) 51 (2015, January–June) 50 (2014, July–December) 49 (2014, January–June) 48 (2013, July–December) 47 (2013, January–June) 46 (2012, July–December) 45 (2012, January–June) 44 (2011, July–December) 43 (2011, January–June) 42 (2010, July–December) 41 (2010, January–June) 40 (2009, July–December) 39 (2009, January–June) 38 (2008, July–December) 37 (2008, January–June) 36 (2007, July–December) 35 (2007, January–June) 34 (2006, July–December) 33 (2006, January–June) 32 (2005, July–December) 31 (2005, January–June) 30 (2004, July–December) 29 (2004, January–June) 28 (2002, July–December) 27 (2002, not available) 26 (2002, January–June) 25 (2001, July–December) 24 (2001, January–June) 23 (2000, January–June) 22 (1999, July–December) 21 (1999, January–June) 20 (1998, July–December) 19 (1998, January–June) 18 (1996, May–August) 17 (1996, January–April) 16 (1995, Sept.–December) 15 (1995, May–August) 14 (1995, January–April) 13 (1994, April–June) 12 (1994, January–March)


Main topics of interest

The journal publishes research papers in all areas of computer science and computer engineering, with emphasis on applied research. More specifically, the main topics of interest include, though are not limited to, the following:


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing

  • Fuzzy Logic

  • Computer Vision

  • Multiagent Systems

  • Bioinformatics

  • Neural Networks

  • Evolutionary algorithms

  • Knowledge Representation

  • Expert Systems

  • Intelligent Interfaces

  • Multimedia, Virtual Reality

  • Machine Learning

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems

  • Semantic Web

  • Database Systems

  • Data Mining

  • Software Engineering

  • Web Design

  • Compilers

  • Formal Languages

  • Operating Systems

  • Distributed Systems

  • Parallelism

  • Real Time Systems

  • Algorithm Theory

  • Scientific Computing

  • High-Performance Computing

  • Geo-processing

  • Networks and Connectivity

  • Cryptography

  • Informatics Security

  • Digital Systems Design

  • Digital Signal Processing

  • Control Systems

  • Robotics

  • Virtual Instrumentation

  • Computer Architectures

Submission and Format

Please see submission and format guidelines.


For requests and doubts, please contact Alexander Gelbukh.

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