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Papers ready to review are received through the  WEB SUBMISSION SYSTEM (click here). Old submission system is here.

The papers can be written in English (preferably, since papers written in English have much higher visibility and impact and are much better cited) or Spanish. In case of Spanish, the paper must also contain the title, abstract, and keywords in English. Please see examples of how this is done in our past issues.

Since the review procedure is double-blind, the full text of the papers should be submitted without names and affiliations of the authors and without any other data that reveals the authors’ identity. For review, please submit your paper in PDF; in case of acceptance, you will need to upload your source file in Word or TeX. We will send you further instructions on uploading your camera-ready source files upon acceptance notification.

We do not have any specific page limit. Longer papers, containing more details and better explanations, tend to have better imact, provided that the quality and novelty of the paper adequately justifies the length.


Please use IEEE Transactions 8x11 2-column format, see there the first section "Templates for Transactions".* Locally cached copies: Word, LaTeX: CLS, BST, instructions.

Please provide as high-resolution images as possible, and (especially in case of LaTeX) for line drawings please use vector graphics (PDF / EPS) instead of raster graphics (PNG / JPG) wherever possible. Please also consider other formatting tips.

Word: preferably avoid using the new Word's built-in math editor; instead please consider using the traditional equation editor (the one that was used in Word 2003).

LaTeX: please provide a .BIB file; please do not include the bibliography directly in the .TEX file via \bibitem; use \bibliography and bibtex instead.

Submissions in another format can be reviewed, but the use of the recommended format is strongly encouraged; camera-ready version must follow the format guidelines exactly in order to be published.

The publisher keeps the right to copyedit or modify the format and style of the final version of the paper if necessary.

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* While this journal happens to use the same format as IEEE, this journal is not in any way affiliated with, or endorsed by, IEEE.