Formalization of Basic Semiotic Notions in Set Theoretic Terms

Authors: Alisa Zhila

Polibits, vol. 42, pp. 83-97, 2010.

Abstract: Many handicaps to effective introduction of semiotic achievements into software development in the spheres related to human perception such as interfaces, computer languages, DB queries, arise due to the absence of analysis and modeling methods adequate to the complicity of the investigated objects.  A formal model that expresses basic semiotic notions in species of structures is presented in the paper. The generality of initial assumptions and restrictions allows the model to describe a vast variety of communication situations from the semiotic point of view. The effectiveness of the approach is demonstrated by its stricter definitions of basic semiotic notions (sign, signified, signifier, sign types) and by the example description of sign situations (sign reading, sign reproduction). 

Keywords: Formal modeling; set theory; species of structures; semiotics; sign; signifier; signified; sign vehicle

PDF: Formalization of Basic Semiotic Notions in Set Theoretic Terms, Alternative link