Analysis of Multipath Propagation based on Cluster Channel Modelling Approach

Authors:  Marvin R. Arias

Polibits, vol. 42, pp. 77-82, 2010.

Abstract: The computer simulation approach with an emphasis on the propagation modelling for wireless channels for current and future communication systems is a powerful tool to asses the performance of systems without the need of building them. This paper presents a clustering approach geometry-based channel model, and employs it to derive the power density function (PDF) of the Angle of Arrival (AOA) of the multipath signal components. To evaluate the theoretical clusters PDF in angular domain proposed, we make computer simulations for the geometry-based channel model proposed and compared it with experimental results published in the literature showing good agreement. The clusters PDF derived can be used to simulate the power-delay-angle profile (PDAP) and to quantify second order statistics, i.e., power angular spectrums (PAS) and the associated angular spreads (Ass) for a given elliptical shape of the cluster

Keywords: Angle-of-arrival; angular spread; antenna arrays; channel modelling; clustering; multipath propagation

PDF: Analysis of Multipath Propagation based on Cluster Channel Modelling Approach, Alternative link