LG-PACKAGE: New Frontier

Authors: Boris Stilman, Vladimir Yakhnis, Oleg Umanskiy, Ron Boyd, Viacheslav Pugachev, Lance Hagen

 Polibits, 42, pp. 5-12, 2010.

Abstract:  This paper describes “new frontier” reached in the development of LG-PACKAGE, a set of the Linguistic Geometry (LG) tools, introduced first in 2004. LG is a type of game theory that generates best strategies for all sides in a conflict in real time. The paper describes the main advanced features of the versions (through Version 3.7) of LG-PACKAGE released gradually from 2004 through 2010. These releases converted LGPACKAGE into the software of industrial strength applicable to the wide scope of defense systems. The US and British defense agencies and the world major defense contractors utilize these tools.

Keywords:  Linguistic Geometry; Game Theory; Modeling and Simulation; Search Problems

PDF: LG-PACKAGE: New Frontier, Alternative link