Natural Language Syntax Description using Generative Dependency Grammar

Authors: Ştefan Diaconescu

Polibits, 38, pp. 5-18, 2008.

Abstract: The paper presents a practical solution to describe natural language syntax. This solution is based on a Generative Dependency Grammar (GDG). A theoretical definition of these grammars and some of their proprieties is given. GDG are implemented in a declarative computer language GRAALAN (Grammar Abstract Language). The paper shortly present the features of GRAALAN and, after that, a more detailed implementation of natural language syntax description is given. GRAALAN offers for natural language syntactic description some strong features that respond to the following requests: a compact description, the possibility to express the syntax and the agreement and to specify the errors met in a text. The description has also the feature of reversibility. The paper presents some conclusions concerning the using of GRAALAN to describe the syntax (among others natural language features).

Keywords:  Dependency grammar; natural language syntax

PDF: Natural Language Syntax Description using Generative Dependency Grammar, Alternative link