NoXperanto: Crowdsourced Polyglot Persistence

Authors: Antonio Maccioni, Orlando Cassano, Yongming Luo, Juan Castrejón, Genoveva Vargas-Solar

Polibits, Vol. 50, pp. 43-48, 2014.

Abstract: This paper proposes NoXperanto, a novel crowdsourcing approach to address querying over data collections managed by polyglot persistence settings. The main contribution of NoXperanto is the ability to solve complex queries involving different data stores by exploiting queries from expert users (i.e. a crowd of database administrators, data engineers, domain experts, etc.), assuming that these users can submit meaningful queries. NoXperanto exploits the results of "meaningful queries" in order to facilitate the forthcoming query answering processes. In particular, queries results are used to: (i) help non-expert users in using the multi-database environment and (ii) improve performances of the multi-database environment, which not only uses disk and memory resources, but heavily rely on network bandwidth. NoXperanto employs a layer to keep track of the information produced by the crowd modeled as a Property Graph and managed in a Graph Database Management System (GDBMS).

Keywords: Polyglot persistence, crowdsourcing, multidatabases, big data, property graph, graph databases

PDF: NoXperanto: Crowdsourced Polyglot Persistence
PDF: NoXperanto: Crowdsourced Polyglot Persistence