Research journal
Computer science and computer engineering with applications

Issue 50 (July–December 2014)


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Editorial (pp. 3–4)


H. Brahmasury Jain, K.R. Rao (USA)

Fast Intra Mode Decision in High Efficiency Video Coding (pp. 5–12; abstract; HTML)


Diego G.S. Santos, Rodrigo C. Neto, Bruno J.T. Fernandes, Byron L.D. Bezerra (Brazil)

A Dynamic Gesture Recognition System based on CIPBR Algorithm (pp. 13–19; abstract; HTML)


Antonio Moran Cardenas, Javier G. Rázuri, Isis Bonet, Rahim Rahmani, David Sundgren (Peru, Colombia, Sweden)

Design of High Accuracy Tracking Systems with H∞ Preview Control (pp. 21–28; abstract; HTML)


Nathan Eloe, Chaman L. Sabharwal, Jennifer L. Leopold (USA)

A More Efficient Representation of Obscuration for VRCC-3D+ Relations (pp. 29–34; abstract; HTML)


Grigori Sidorov, Irina Kobozeva, Anton Zimmerling, Liliana Chanona-Hernández, Olga Kolesnikova (Mexico, Russia)

Modelo computacional del diálogo basado en reglas aplicado a un robot guía móvil (pp. 35–42; abstract; HTML)


Antonio Maccioni, Orlando Cassano, Yongming Luo, Juan Castrejón, Genoveva Vargas-Solar (Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, France)

NoXperanto: Crowdsourced Polyglot Persistence (pp. 43–48; abstract; HTML)


Nibaldo Rodriguez, Gabriel Bravo, Lida Barba (Chile, Ecuador)

Haar Wavelet Neural Network for Multi-step-ahead Anchovy Catches Forecasting (pp. 49–53; abstract; HTML)


Orlando Durán A., Luis Pérez P., Felipe Olmos de Aguilera (Chile)

A Comparison between Two Metaheuristics Applied to the Cell Formation Problem with Alternative Routings (pp. 55–59; abstract; HTML)


José A. Castán, Salvador Ibarra, Julio Laria, Javier Guzmán, Emilio Castán (Mexico)

Control de tráfico basado en agentes inteligentes (pp. 61–68; abstract; HTML)


Eduardo Zurek, Margarita R. Gamarra, José R. Escorcia, Carlos Gutierrez, Henry Bayona, Roxana P. Pérez, Xavier García (Colombia)

Acoustic Fingerprint Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks (pp. 69–73; abstract; HTML)

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