Process for Unattended Execution of Test Components

Authors: Emma Torres Orue, Martha D. Delgado Dapena, Jorge Lodos Vigil, Ezequiel Sevillano Fernandez

Polibits, Vol. 49, pp. 5-15, 2014.

Abstract: We describe the process to perform software tests. In an enterprise that produces a product line, even if they all have the same goal, they may differ with regard to its development platform, programming language, layer architecture or communication strategies. The process allows standardizing, coordinating and controlling the test execution for all workgroups, no matter their individual characteristics. We present roles, phases, activities and artifacts to address the centralization, reusing and publication of the test scripts and the results of their execution. Additionally, it involves the virtualization for creating test environments, defining steps for its management and publication. Also is presented a tool that supports the process and allow the unattended execution of test components. Finally, we describe two pilot projects demonstrating the applicability of the proposed solution.

Keywords: Software test process, testing tools, unattended test execution, virtual laboratories

PDF: Process for Unattended Execution of Test Components
PDF: Process for Unattended Execution of Test Components