ST Algorithm for Medical Diagnostic Reasoning

Authors: Irosh Fernando, Frans A. Henskens

Polibits, Vol. 48, pp. 23-29, 2013.

Abstract: The authors have previously described an approach for medical diagnostic reasoning based on the ST (Select and Test) model introduced by Ramoni and Stefanelli et al. This paper extends the previous approach by introducing the required algorithm for medical expert system development. The algorithm involves a bottom-up and recursive process using logical inferences, abduction, deduction, and induction. Pseudocode for the algorithm, and the data structures involved, are described, and the algorithm’s implementation using a small sample knowledgebase and programmed in Java is included in appendixes. Implementation of a successful expert system is a challenging process; development of the necessary algorithm for its inference engine, and definition of a knowledgebase structure that models expert diagnostic reasoning and knowledge, only fulfils the initial step. Challenges associated with the remaining steps of the development process can be identified and dealt with using the CLAP software process model.

Keywords: Medical diagnostic Reasoning, Medical Expert Systems, ST model

PDF: ST Algorithm for Medical Diagnostic Reasoning
PDF: ST Algorithm for Medical Diagnostic Reasoning