Knowledge Vertices in XUNL

Authors: Ronaldo Martins

Polibits, Vol. 45, pp. 61-66, 2012.

Abstract: This paper addresses some lexical issues in the development of XUNL – a knowledge representation language descendent from and alternative to the Universal Networking Language (UNL). We present the current structure and the role of Universal Words (UW) in UNL and claim that the syntax and the semantics of UWs demand a thorough revision in order to accomplish the requirements of language, culture and human independency. We draw some guidelines for XUNL and argue that its vertices should be represented by Arabic numerals; should be equivalent to sets of synonyms; should consist of generative lexical roots; should correspond to the elementary particles of meaning; and should not bear any non-relational meaning.

Keywords: Knowledge representation, UNL, lexical resources, semantic networks.

PDF: Knowledge Vertices in XUNL
PDF: Knowledge Vertices in XUNL