A Graph-based Approach to Cross-language Multi-document Summarization

Authors: Florian Boudin, Stéphane Huet, Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno

Polibits, vol. 43, pp.113-118, 2011.

Abstract: Cross-language summarization is the task of generating a summary in a language different from the language of the source documents. In this paper, we propose a graph-based approach to multi-document summarization that integrates machine translation quality scores in the sentence extraction process. We evaluate our method on a manually translated subset of the DUC 2004 evaluation campaign. Results indicate that our approach improves the readability of the generated summaries without degrading their informativity.

Keywords: Graph-based approach; cross-language multidocument summarization

PDF: A Graph-based Approach to Cross-language Multi-document Summarization, Alternative link