Detecting Derivatives using Specific and Invariant Descriptors

Authors: Fabien Poulard, Nicolas Hernandez, Béatrice Daille

Polibits, vol. 43, pp. 7-13, 2011.

Abstract: This paper explores the detection of derivation links between texts (otherwise called plagiarism, near-duplication, revision, etc.) at the document level.We evaluate the use of textual elements implementing the ideas of specificity and invariance as well as their combination to characterize derivatives. We built a French press corpus based on Wikinews revisions to run this evaluation. We obtain performances similar to the state of the art method (n-grams overlap) while reducing the signature size and so, the processing costs. In order to ensure the verifiability and the reproducibility of our results we make our code as well as our corpus available to the community.

Keywords: Textual derivatives; detection of derivations; near-duplicates; revisions; linguistic descriptors; French corpus

PDF: Detecting Derivatives using Specific and Invariant Descriptors, Alternative link