Research journal
Computer science and computer engineering with applications

Issue 42 (July-December 2010)

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Guest Editor: Carlos Alberto Reyes-García

1. Boris Stilman, Vladimir Yakhnis, Oleg Umanskiy, Ron Boyd, Viacheslav Pugachev, and Lance Hagen (USA)

LG-PACKAGE: New Frontier (pp. 5-12)

2. Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno, Horacio Saggion, Iria da Cunha, Eric SanJuan, and Patricia Velázquez-Morales (Spain, France)

Summary Evaluation with and without References (pp. 13-19)


Joseph M. Scandura (USA)

The Role of Automation in Instruction (pp. 21-42)

4. Maikel León, Gonzalo Nápoles, María M. García, Rafael Bello, and Koen Vanhoof (Cuba, Belgium)

A Revision and Experience using Cognitive Mapping and Knowledge Engineering in Travel Behavior Sciences (pp. 43-49)

5. Petr Sosnin (Russia)

Creation and Usage of Project Ontology in Development of Software Intensive Systems (pp. 51-58)

6. Horia Mihail H. Teodorescu and David J. Malan (USA)

Swarm Filtering Procedure and Application to MRI Mammography (pp. 59-64)

7. Renato Simões Moreira, Otávio Noura Teixeira, and Roberto Célio Limão de Oliveira (Brazil)

Mixing Theory of Retroviruses and Genetic Algorithm to Build a New Nature-Inspired Meta-Heuristic for Real-Parameter Function Optimization Problems (pp. 65-69)

8. David Sundgren (Sweden)

Expected Utility from Multinomial Second-order Probability Distributions (pp. 71-75)

9. Marvin R. Arias (Nicaragua)

Analysis of Multipath Propagation based on Cluster Channel Modelling Approach (pp. 77-82)

10. Alisa Zhila (Russia)

Formalization of Basic Semiotic Notions in Set Theoretic Terms (pp. 83-97)