SMM: Detailed, Structured Morphological Analysis for Spanish

Authors:  Cerstin Mahlow, Michael Piotrowski

Polibits, 39, pp.41-48, 2009.

Abstract:   We present a morphological analyzer for Spanish called SMM. SMM is implemented in the grammar development framework Malaga, which is based on the formalism of Left- Associative Grammar. We briefly present the Malaga framework, describe the implementation decisions for some interesting morphological phenomena of Spanish, and report on the evaluation results from the analysis of corpora. SMM was originally only designed for analyzing word forms; in this article we outline two approaches for using SMM and the facilities provided by Malaga to also generate verbal paradigms. SMM can also be embedded into applications by making use of the Malaga programming interface; we briefly discuss some application scenarios.

Keywords:  Natural language processing; morphology; Malaga; Spanish

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