Semantic Enterprise Search (but no Web 2.0)

Authors: Ronald Winnemöller

Polibits, 39, pp.11-18, 2009.

Abstract:    In this paper, we propose semantic enterprise search as promising technical methodology for improving on accessibility to institutional knowledge. We briefly discuss the nature of knowledge and ignorance in respect to web-based information retrieval before introducing our particular view on semantic search as tight fusion of search engine and semantic web technologies, based on semantic annotations and the concept of intrainstitutionwise distributed extensibility while still maintaining free keyword search functionality. Consequently , our architecture implementation makes strong use of the Aperture and Lucene software frameworks but introduces the novel concept of "RDF documents". Because our prototype system is not yet complete, we are not able to provide performance statistics but instead we present a concise example scenario.

Keywords:  RDF documents; semantic web; ignorance

PDF: Semantic Enterprise Search (but no Web 2.0),   Alternative link